About Copperweld


Our story is one of American innovation and determination. Throughout our 100 plus years, the one constant has been our workforce- dedicated and determined, they are the heartbeat of Copperweld®.
Since ancient times, mankind has been trying to combine the strength of steel with the non-corrosive properties of copper.
In 1915, that idea became a reality.  Copperweld® engineers discovered a molten-weld process for permanently bonding copper to steel.  Ever since, our company has been considered the leader in innovation in the bimetallic industry.
From being instrumental during the great depression in helping pull America out by being a leader in the electrification of the many rural areas in our country- to providing the U.S. signal corps during WWII over 10,000 miles of Copperweld® wire and auxiliary products.
Copperweld® has a long history as an American company with global reach.  Our products are found today in over 28 countries throughout the world; in applications ranging from the rail industry, telecommunications, to the auto industry.
Copperweld® is poised to continue to be a leader in the wire industry for the next 100 years.  We are proud to bringing an engineered solution to wire the world!