Shift Supervisor - 3rd Shift

Fayetteville, Tennessee
Position summary: 

Provide leadership, motivation, direction and support insuring the Plant achieves business plan requirements.

Job responsibilites: 
  • Lead, coordinate, support and provide efficient operation of all aspects of production areas and manufacturing processes while focusing on continuous improvement in the areas of safety, quality, productivity, customer service and employee involvement.
  • Interact with production scheduling and management to comply with manufacturing requirements.
  • Directly oversee shift production efficiency, safety and quality of production produced by employees.
  • Investigate quality concerns and initiate corrective/preventative actions.
  • Provide effective communication of product problems and trends.
  • Support and participate in team meetings and training.
  • Ensure and maintain a safe work environment.
  • Ensure compliance to all policies, guidelines and work instructions.
  • Conduct and evaluate performance feedback.
  • Evaluate and implement employee training as directed.
Position requirements: 
  • Adherence to Copperweld Core Values.
  • Minimum three (3) years manufacturing experience.
  • Strong team first values and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Innovative, self-motivated and ability to work with minimal management supervision.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Proficient computer skills and working understanding of Microsoft Office programs and working knowledge of Plexus.
  • Flexibility to work on any shift.
Safety requirements:
  • Must wear safety shoes with steel toe and metatarsal guard.
  • Must wear safety glasses with side shields.
  • Must wear safety ear protection.
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.
  • May require medium to heavy strength lifting, pushing and pulling weight requirements.
  • May require bending, stooping, twisting, reaching, etc.
  • Must understand and comply with Hazard Communication and Hazardous Waste management guidelines.
  • Must be certified to operate a forklift truck.

About the Company:
As the brand standard for innovation and product quality in the industry, Copperweld Bimetallics has a dominant market position and is most often the specified manufacturer.  In 1915, Copperweld engineers discovered a molten-weld process for permanently bonding copper to steel.  Ever since, the company has been considered the leader in innovation in the bimetallic industry.  From being instrumental during the great depression in helping pull America out by being a leader in the electrification of the many rural areas in the country to providing the U.S. signal corps during WWII over 10,000 miles of Copperweld wire and auxiliary products. Copperweld has a long history as an American company with global reach.  

Headquartered in Nashville, TN Copperweld products are found today in over 28 countries throughout the world.  These products are used in applications ranging from utilities and telecommunications to rail, automotive and construction.  The company has been the world's largest manufacturer of bimetallic conductors and since 2015, and they are the sole manufacturer of Bimetallic Wire in the United States. The company’s Copperweld® brand copper-clad steel wire and lightweight Copperlite™ copper-clad aluminum wire provide several unique advantages over historic copper conductors and have become a preferred alternative for many applications.


An Equal Employment Employer